20th November 2014

Dear iCare members


It has come to our attention that a few individuals within iCare have taken it upon themselves to start spreading unauthorised, unsolicited false information re: insurance. This has caused unwarranted and unnecessary distress in some people. Those responsible are required to stop this immediately! iCare SNG Inc. is not in the business of upsetting anyone and all insurance cover is valid and up to date. Scandalmongering of any sort will not be tolerated..

To summarise, any person regardless of their membership status including volunteers, guest speakers, etc are covered by iCare's Public Liability Insurance whilst attending an iCare session and/or an iCare run event.

I sincerely hope that this puts everyone's mind at ease and l ask that unless information is authorised to be true and correct by the iCare Management Committee that it be ignored and the matter reported to the iCare MC to follow up.

Thank you 


The iCare MC are in the process of drafting various policies that will ensure fairness to all. These will be made available upon finalisation.


iCare SNG Inc. would like to say a special thank you to all members who assisted in our recent BBQ Fundraiser. A special mention though to some extraordinary helpers on the day. Our newest member, Mick and our 3 youngest volunteers on the day Brody, Lorenzo & Declan, you guys were simply amazing.

On a final note, thank you to Anthony who waited so patiently for his mummy to finish  helping with the packing up. 


Aforementioned policy will be revised shortly to include a 'no assist no event' clause. This will ensure members who invest their time, energy and effort over and over again are duly noted and aknowledged whilst ensuring these sacrifices are not abused by individuals who do not. "It takes a group, to run a group" in the esteemed words of one Missy C. 


iCare Special Needs Group Inc. is now able to offer another payment method via Westpac PayWay, A small surcharge will apply but this is a nominal amount of 2.49% [credit] or 30¢ [debit] to offset fees charged by the bank charges for the card transaction.

convenient ♦ easy ♦ secure ♦ safe

Plwse note iCare also accepts PayPal payments


This years CARE Melton Expo was a resounding success. Thank you to all members who manned the stalls and also for those who dropped by to say hi. the Mambourin Choir were amazing, entertaining and a joy to experience. Bslloon man was worth his weight in gold and kept everyone enthralled with his quick wit and amazing talents in transforming the humble balloon into characters, superheroes, etc, sky was the limit.

Orgnisers of the expo definately deserve a standing ovation. With over 680+ attending and tangible outcomes for the various exhibitors we wait in antipation for the 2015 CARE Melton Expo to arrive.


iCare has successfully secure a $10K+ grant that will cover our operational costs for the next two years. These funds will ensure we can continue to deliver vital services to our carers/families of children/youth with disabilities and the wider community. On behalf of everyone at iCare and from the municipality of Melto we would like to thank the DHS for approving our submission.


I am excited to announce the approval of our Carer's Victoria Application for funding to spoil carers with a luxuriously decadent high tea at the Windsor Hotel, chauffer driven stretch Hummer limousine, Gold Class movie session and a dinner for all iCare families to be hosted over the course of the next few months. Funding and support provided by Carer's Victoria.



For all members who wish to attend this presentation please RSVP your attendance, dietary requirements to Pepsi ASAP along with your payment of $10 or $5 [concession, must be sighted] to Missy ASAP to secure your place. The deadline is strictly Friday 8th August.



iCare would like to thank Chris and Felicia at Unique Day Spa for hosting an amazing day for carers in desperate need of some much needed and well deserved pampering. All the senses were catered for and the experience was simply sublime. Tired muscles were kneaded, tensions knots massaged away, hands and feet given the royal treatment and nails were polished to perfection.

This event was made possible with funding from the Collingwood Football Club & Melton City Council 'Community Benefit Program', thank you.



The City of Hobsons Bay hosted the Western Region Disability Forum on Tuesday 29th April. As a Melton Disability Advisory Committee Representative l was asked to present to attending delegates. I represented the Melton DAC and the amazing initiatives that have come from members collectively past and present.The feedback from delegates was incredibly humbling. My fellow DAC colleagues and l were received with enthusiasm and showered with a unanimous show of support, accolades and admiration for the way in which Melton DAC representatives adopted an all embracing hands on mindset in fulfilling their roles and representing the community. The resounding theme of the feedback was that the Melton DAC would be used as inspiration and a model for success for other regional DAC's to better interact, liaise, spearhead and promote inclusive communities for all.


I'm happy to announce Missy's appointment to treasurer and Natasha's to secretary on iCare's Management Committee . On behalf of all l welcome them both to their new positions. Angie A will continue on with her role as Fundraising & Resources Officer. TJ who was also a F.R.O has tendered her resignation due to work committments. I would like to take this opportunity to thank TJ for all her efforts, contributions and dedication towards making iCare the wonderful organisation it is today. TJ was one of the founding members and has been a MC member since the beginning. We wish you all the best. 


Furthermore, as previously mentioned, iCare is registered with Volunteer West for an accountant/bookkeeper and also a volunteer play helper. I recently attended the launch of Volunteer West in Melton and am happy to be in partnership with them as they link willing members of the community with respective volunteer positions which serve and fulfill many purposes both for the volunteer and the recipient organisation.

Volunteer West is a community organisation that operates across the western metropolitan region of Melbourne. Its purpose is to inspire and value inclusive and active participation in volunteering, and build the capacity of volunteer involving organisations.

Volunteer West is committed to building socially inclusive volunteering through a range of activities. These include:

Promoting volunteering and providing information to individuals about volunteer opportunities;

Providing training, advice and support to volunteer coordinators and volunteer involving organisations;

Working in partnership with government and volunteer organisations to encourage the growth of socially inclusive volunteering;

Promoting best practice volunteer management.



Congratulations Tash on being the Term 2 attendance champ. Enjoy your iCare Care Pack


We have many exciting respite events planned for the rest of the year. The funding for this has come from the Melton City Council & Collingwood Football Grant Community Benefit Program. Carers have already enjoyed a delicious lunch and opportunity to network and socialise at The Club - Caroline Springs and a day of pampering at Unique Day Spa - Melton. Please refer to the Events page or check the 'Events Noticeboard' for more details. The lovely mother & daughter team Chris & Felicia pampered us once again with their delectable home made treats whilst therapists worked their own massage therapy magic. Please note that the minimum attendance policy of 5 sessions applies to this and all future funded events. Thank you.


Thank you to all members who made the effort to sell chocolates for iCare and also a big thank you to the die hard chocolate connoisseurs who supported our cause.



Thank you to all members and supporters who sold and purchased tickets to assist our group continue to deliver its mission statement and vision. The raffle was drawn at the Carer's Networking Lunch by a very keen little helper, Woza thanks from all of us you did an amazing job. Congratulations to all prize winners. Tash walked away with our first prize of a limited edition Pink Tupperware modular mates in various shapes and sizes.



Autism Aware is running the “Secret Agent Society Social Skills program”.  This is a program for children between the ages of 8 - 12 years old. It is based on extensive research and currently there are 500 providers worldwide.

This program was initially designed for children diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, but is also proving to be effective for undiagnosed children who are experiencing difficulty with social skills, anxiety, depression, anger and bullying.

The program is presented in a small group format, with homework tasks in the form of a PCgame and weekly, supportive information provided to teachers. Children with a Mental Health Treatment Plan are eligible for Medicare rebates. More information about the program is available online:

 Free information sessions will be presented throughout the year. Two information sessions will be held on Saturday 22 March 2014 at 10.00am & 2.00pm at the Point Cook Specialist Rooms. If you are interested in attending, you are welcome to e-mail or phone reception on 8383 6888 to reserve a spot.


Well done to all who attended our first ever First Aid Course, Level 2 run by St John Ambulance. Our instructor was brilliant and the day although intense was one that everyone came away from feeling better equipped to deal with a medical emergency [should the situation present itself].  'Certificates of Attainment' have been awarded to all successful candidates.



Please support the BUY LOCAL SUPPORTING LOCAL JOBS initiative

Why buy local and support local jobs

Keep dollars in the City of Melton’s economy | When you buy local, more money is spent within the City of Melton. More local spending means more local jobs. 

Pride | Supporting local businesses creates a sense of pride in the local community.

Long term opportunities | Buying local will help build capacity of businesses and lead onto export and greater employment opportunities.

Collective campaigning - Share resources and knowledge and improve your competitive advantage

Resilient economy | Supporting local businesses will enable the City of Melton economy to be less dependent on outside influences.


Anthony from Disability Services Commissioner was a veritable source of information. I think we all know by now that it is absolutely OK to complain. It is your civil right and no one can take that away from you or tell your otherwise.

I have multiple copies of literature & a folder that Anthony kindly left so let me know if you would like your own copy.

Website | Freecall 1800 677 342  | Email



The Melton GO! program provides regular opportunities for children and young people with a disability to enjoy social, recreational and creative experiences, in their local community and beyond.

We tailor activities to suit the specific interests of participants aged 5-25yrs and all activities are supervised by a qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated team of staff.

You have three programs to choose from:

  • Melton GO! Junior (5-11yrs)
  • Melton GO! Senior (12-17yrs)
  • Melton GO! Young Adults (18-25yrs)


Melton GO! offers a mix of:

  • Community based activities within and outside of the City of Melton,
  • Centre based activities at our Youth Centres in Melton and Taylors Hill,
  • Holiday Programs for 5-17yrs.

Am I eligible?

Melton GO! is for children and young people with a disability, aged 5-25yrs who are residents of the City of Melton. A simple assessment will be required to confirm your eligibility, and you can organise this through Council’s Intake Officer on 9747 7320.

The Melton GO School Holiday program is for children and young people with a disability, aged 5-17yrs who live in the City of Melton.

We are delighted to announce details of our upcoming September/October School Holiday Program, please see attached details for the Junior (5-11yrs) and Senior (12-17yrs) programs. 

If you are an existing HACC (Home and Community Care) client and wish to register your interest for a particular day/s, please contact me directly.

If you are not a current HACC client but want to attend, please contact our Intake Officer on 9747 7320 to arrange an assessment. We will ensure any new assessments are undertaken as a matter of urgency and they will be completed promptly.

Melton GO! Program
Melton City Council
9747 7332

Melton GO! Brochure   



I was recently advised of my successful appointment to the Melton Disability Advisory Committee. Melton City Council’s Disability Advisory Committee [DAC] provides advice to Council on presented strategic directions, policy, plans and service delivery issues in relation to access and inclusion for people with disabilities living, working, studying or visiting the City of Melton.

An integral part of my role as a DAC representative is to raise concerns and provide advice to Council about issues which affect people with a disability. The DAC works with the community and Council to build a more inclusive and accessible community in which all people are able to participate. It's an immense honour and a privilege to be a part of this amazing team. I urge anyone who has concerns or feedback of any sort to contact me either in person or via my email


Shock Proof Tough Heavy Duty Defender Case EVA Foam Cover for iPad 2 3 4



About the workshops

Positive Partnerships delivers one and two-day workshops as follows:

 By the end of the one-day workshop it is anticipated that participants will be better able to:

  • apply foundational autism spectrum disorder knowledge and better understand how it directly impacts on their child’s learning
  • understand the processes and strategies that enable effective parent / carer school and teacher partnerships
  • advocate effectively to support their child’s learning whilst negotiating with their child’s educational environment
  • understand the local school systems and processes which support their child’s learning through the various educational stages
  • apply strategies that help identify ways to maximise their child’s learning in the school and home environment

Read more details about the day one sessions.
 The second day of the program is comprised of information sessions, and will be conducted following the parent / carer workshop. This component may be offered either as a second day workshop or through the Online Learning Portal.

The information sessions will provide parents/carers with the opportunity to gain additional information about specific topics or focus areas in a 1:1 situation or small group.
The topics/focus areas will include:

 positive behaviour support  | siblings  | making friends  | completing work  | managing transitions  | communication  | sexuality, personal health and hygiene  | bullying

The information sessions will provide written materials, additional readings and recommended references. The discussion groups will be supported by a facilitator who will provide practical assistance and will follow up on additional information and/or resources as required.

Read more details about the day two information sessions.

Online Learning Portal
The Positive Partnerships initiatives will be supplemented and supported by an online resource. The online modules are interactive self paced learning comprised of 5 modules:

Understanding Autism: Using the Planning Matrix  | Creating Positive Partnerships  |  Problem Solving: Using the GROWTH Model  | Developing Support Networks  | Using Evidence to Guide Decision Making

This course covers the same key learning objectives as the one-day parents / carers workshop.

If you would like to register for the Positive Partnerships Online Learning Portal or you have already registered, click on the Login link at the top right of the page.

You can download a flyer about the online Parent/Carer Course to distribute to parents/carers who may be unable to attend a face-to-face workshop.

Your feedback on the online component of the Positive Partnerships initiatives are most welcome.



iCare's website is dynamic so it is recommended that you check back regularly to stay up to date. We have a smorgasbord of events planned for our members over the coming months.



Please click on the R.I.S.E tab in the menu above to access flyers for these events.



A brilliant site by renowned Speech Language Pathologist & Educator.

The App Guide offers the first fully comprehensive, rigorous and professional app guide. The App Guide is ideal for choosing educational apps for students with autism, language disorders, reading disorders, hearing impairment and other diverse learning needs.

Your yearly subscription keeps you up to date with the latest apps and provides you with the detail you need to make an informed choice. The App Guides provides detailed reviews of apps for students in Early Childhood and Primary Years (age 2 - 12).



GPS Tracking Devices can be invaluable but before purchasing l urge you all to look into the many variants on the market and do your own research before investing in one as there are many things to take into consideration when deciding on which device would best suit your situation/circumstances.

According to the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC),   814,957 persons were reported missing in 2007. About 80% of those were   juveniles (persons under 18 years of age), the overwhelming majority of   which were girls.

While most missing persons return home safely, that    statistic shows that over 2,000 times per day, parents or primary care givers   felt the disappearance was serious enough to warrant calling law   enforcement. Even more troubling, the number of missing persons reported   to law enforcement has increased almost 500% in the past 20 years.

Thank you Kelly N for the insight.



Where possible a member should endeavour to attend as many iCare sessions as possible. A minimum attendance requirement is required for the following:

  1. In order to attend the Group’s events/activities and regardless of where the event/activity is taking place, [community versus centre based] members should have regular   attendance of a minimum five [5] regular iCare sessions within any given school term or 3 month period, this requirement is ongoing.
  2.  A minimum of 5 sessions must have been attended before said member can attend/participate/benefit from respite activities and events.
  3.  In order to be privy to the Group’s regular newsletters, event information, updates and emails.
  4.  In order to remain a member, all related fees including annual membership fees and fines are to be paid in accordance with the Groups constitution.
  5.  If a member ceases to attend regularly then the status of their membership will come under review and they will be excluded from receiving the Group’s emails, updates, and newsletter.
  6.  If a member’s period of absence extends to 6 weeks or more [not counting any school term holidays] then that member will be given the option to withdraw from the group unless the member can demonstrate there was extenuating circumstances.



  • A reminder to all iCare members that punctuality is vital for our group for a few reasons a/. setting up needs to be completed by 10am SHARP!! b/. speakers need to run on time due to other commitments.


  • If we could ALL help set up/pack up before and after iCare sessions it would mean we could all get back to our own families and affairs. Your support in this matter is much appreciated as we all have places to go, people to see, and things to do after our session each Friday.



On behalf of iCare Special Needs Group Inc., members, families [immediate & extended], children/youth with special needs/disabilities and carers all over the world that gain hope from seeing fellow carers receive the recognition and acknowledgement they deserve, we would like to thank the following Government, funding bodies and corporate sponsors for their support and understanding.


iCare Special Needs Group Inc.








For all your stationery, school, office, business needs Officeworks - Caroline Springs is the perfect place to stock up on what you need. The team at Caroline Springs demonstrated excellence in customer service to give you a unique shopping experience. Brimming with sincerity, professionalism and a dynamic presence Officeworks is a welcomed edition to our community.

iCare Special Needs Group Inc. would like to thank Officeworks and the management team Luke & Dayle for their support in assisting iCare deliver its vision, mission statement & overarching principles.







GSNV - Genetic Support Network of Victoria






As per iCare Terms & Conditions re: resources such as DVD's, books and toys that are loaned out will need to be returned for the next iCare session, loan periods are stricly one week only. Any outstanding items will be charged $2.00 per item per week it remains overdue.


Please note the following;

  • Only ONE item can be loaned at a time.
  • Items returned must be checked & signed off by one of the equipment officers -  Angie A, Missy, Tash or TJ. Items that aren't checked & signed in will be deemed to be in the possession of the borrower therefore the responsibility for the goods will be ongoing.
  • Items can only be loaned for a WEEK and must be returned by the next iCare session or the onus is on the 'borrower' to liaise with the Equipment Officers to make alternative arrangements for the return of the loan item.
  • A running tally will be kept against said member's name. Unreturned item[s] will continue to attract a fine and the debt will keep accruing as each Friday lapses.
  • Please ensure you adhere to the terms and conditions of iCare's Resource Loan Scheme in order to be fair to others.
  • All monies collected from overdue loan items will be collected in a special tin and used for the running of the group.
  • Resources will NOT BE LOANED out during term holidays.



"Don't count the days, make the days count" - Muhammad Ali


President - iCare Special Needs Group Inc.