Hi my name is Pepsi

I’m an extremely proud mum to four terrific children, aged six to twenty and married to the most amazing person. My husband along with my children are my biggest supporters and my personal cheerleading squad. They encourage me to pursue my dreams and for this l will always be grateful to them. Their ongoing patience, understanding, encouragement & support were the catalyst that set the wheels in motion for me to realise my lifelong ambition to promote social inclusion and fight against social injustice.

Investing back into the community to make it truly inclusive & accessible to all is paramount & integral to my mission in life.

In 2011 I launched iCare Special Needs Group Inc. which assists carers & children/youth with a disability. In 2012 iCare was endorsed as a PBI [Public Benevolent Institution], TCC [Tax Concession Charity] & DGR [Deductible Gift Recipient] by the Australia Taxation Office, this was a huge sense of achievement for me as it opened up many more opportunities and enabled iCare to reach out and assist more families struggling with the monumental task of caring for a loved one with a disability.

I sit on various panels & committees across the municipality of Melton. Recently, l was appointed a position on Melton City Council’s Disability Advisory Committee [DAC]. An integral part of my role is to liaise closely with council about issues which affect people with a disability & their involvement [or lack thereof] in their community. The DAC works with the community and Council to build a more inclusive and accessible community in which people of all abilities are able to participate. DAC provides advice to Council on presented strategic directions, policy, plans & service delivery issues in relation to access & inclusion for people with disabilities living, working, studying, playing or visiting the City of Melton.

In 2014 l was nominated for some very prestigious awards. The Melton City Council 'Woman of the Year' & 'Citizen of the Year' awards respectively. It has been a humbling experience to be deemed worthy and l thank all who believe in me and encourage me to keep going on.

I also sit on school council at Taylors Hill Primary School & the Parent's & Friends Association PFA. I enjoy volunteering, listening to music, scrapbooking, reading, cooking, organising anything l can get my hands on, etc. My all-time favourite pastime though is watching my children explore, discover & grow as they inch closer and closer to becoming independent & amazing young adults brimming with promise & potential.

 .... and for all carers/parents looking after a loved one with a disability, please remember the following;

"Nurturing their interests, celebrating their strengths & rejoicing in their achievements is the embodiment of hope & believing there is 'life beyond the diagnosis" - Pepsi Gulen




Hi my name is Tash 

 I am the secretary of iCare Special Needs Group Inc. I am one of the founding members of iCare and have watched with pride as it has grown from an idea to what it is now. I am married to the most amazing & supportive man & we  have a beautiful little 7 year old boy. Our son and myself both have Myotonic Dystrophy.

I am a full time carer for my son and enjoy spending time with him and my family.

I attend iCare weekly & have made a lot of friends though this group and enjoy my time there. It is an important part of the community to have a group like this to support carers and parent of children with special needs.

I also enjoy helping out at my son's schools and going out with friends but my main priority is my son, I love being a mum to my little boy. 





 I was one of the original three fundraising and resource officers in iCare since it first opened its doors in late 2011. Although my role is now treasurer I am happy to assist if you have any questions about our great resource library. Alternatively, please see Angie A or TJ to see our resource inventory as we have some great disability specific multimedia material + books for loan and also a huge range of specialised toys that cater for various needs such as 'cause & effect' toys, social development, fine motor, gross motor, proprioreception, fidget & calming, emotional & social development just to name a few  

I have 2 beautiful children and the most amazing partner.

I love doing things with my family and catching up with friends over lunch, a movie, etc



iCare was a dream in the making for a long time. In 2011 this dream came to fruition when six like minded mothers started what was to become iCare. Pepsi, Tash, TJ, Michelle, Angie S & Julie began the journey of iCare during many brainstorming sessions at the local library. iCare Special Needs Group Inc. is the only all inclusive disability support group in the Eastern Growth Corridor of the Melton City Council Municipality.